Fourth Grade Living History Museum at Westwood Elementary

posted Jan 30, 2014, 8:25 AM by ACSD Webmaster   [ updated Jan 30, 2014, 8:25 AM ]

The fourth grade students in Marilawren Mundy's class have been learning about the American Revolution. For students to have a better understanding, they were able to research a key figure, country, or group that impacted the war. History was brought to life by having students dress up as these key figures and tell how they contributed to the American Revolution. Third grade, other fourth grade students, and parents were invited to attend the wax museum.



Photo 1:  front row:  Isaiah Johnson, John McCarthy-Miller, Katherine Lindley, Kristen Bell, Kasi Lewis, Jenny Le, Reginald Dawson, Kevin Williams, middle row:  Regarius Allen, Andrew Price, Logan Busbee, Marilawren Mundy (teacher), Catherine Despain, Gillian Hughes, Sydney Risner, Lexi Vickery, Dawson Hughes, Ayllon Gilliard, Jeremiah Lomax, back row:  Gracie Moore, Ashley Rauton, Abbye Light, Brittney Linton, Jaylyn Howland, Talissa Cannady

Photo 2:  The Daughters of Liberty:  Lexi Vickery, Gracie Moore, Catherine Despain, Talissa Cannady

Photo 3:  Representatives of France and the Netherlands:  Kasi Lewis, Jenny Le, Kristen Bell, Katherine Lindley

Photo 4:  King George III: Dawson Hughes, Sons of Liberty: Reginald Dawson, Kevin Williams, George Washington: Regarius Allen, Marquis de Lafayette:  Ayllon Gilliard, Peter Salem:  Jeremiah Lomax