Westwood’s 2014-2015 National Junior Beta Club

posted Mar 16, 2015, 11:00 AM by ACSD Webmaster   [ updated Mar 16, 2015, 11:01 AM ]
Westwood Elementary had their formal National Junior Beta Club Induction Ceremony on February 24,

2015. Fifty-nine students received membership privileges along with a certificate and pin for recognition

of their hard work. Beta club members are selected from 5th grade students who have a grade point

average of 90.5 without accommodations for the 1st & 2nd 9 weeks along with having good character and

scoring Met or above on PASS or MAP tests.

Members received a pin, certificate, membership card, and access to the National Beta Club website.

Sponsors of the Beta Club are Sandy Rowland Scott, Professional School Counselor, and 5th

teachers - Jenni Hedden, Kristin Hughes, Jennifer Smith, and Anna Williams.

[Beta Members] Pictured in the photo above are members of the Westwood Elementary 2014-2015

National Junior Beta Club: (row 1) ?, Jenny Le, Hannah Beth Hedden, Gabby White, Drew Beauford,

Jake Crawford, Marissa Arrowood, Joseph Baughman, Kristen Bell, Brett Bible, Harbor Brady, Lacee

Brown, Darell Calhoun, Talissa Cannady, Ty Price; (row 2), Ryan Crocker, Carsen Ellis, LizziAnna

Price, Katie Lindley, Jazzlen Davis, A’Keria Dawson, Sydney Dawson, Trent Delgado, Catherine

DeSpain, La’Darrien Elmore, Cali Gill, Madison Hall, Kaitlyn Hearne, Jaylyn Howland, Dawson Hughes,

Gillian Hughes, Isiah Johnson, Jordan Poretto, Susan Zhang, Andrew Price; (row 3) Melanie Gilchrist,

Cara Cooley, Destanne Mathis, Spencer Walters, Kendrick Crawford, Kasi Lewis, John McCarthy-Miller,

Ja’Kobe Leach, Grier Lawton, Caleb Caudle, Mason Price, Lexi Vickery, Sidney Stone, Briana P. Wright,

(row 4) Devin Williams, Ashley Evans, Neria Wardlaw, Alisa Wharton, Cheyanne Tompkins-Swann,

DeMia Johnson, Naomi Wilson, Ty’Brea Johnson, Sa’Niya Robinson, Faith Kent, and Alan Latham.

[Beta Officers] The Officers of the Westwood Elementary National Junior Beta Club are (l to r): Hannah

Beth Hedden – President, Gabby White – Vice-President, Jake Crawford – Secretary,

[Pledge] Students repeat the Beta Club Pledge in the new member induction ceremony- (l to r) Ty’Brea

Johnson, Ashley Evans, Faith Kent, Alan Latham, Melanie Gilchrist.

[Ready Line] Students prepare to be inducted into the Beta Club by lining up to receive their certificate

[Initiation] Students chose to be Beta Rock Stars for their initiation into the Beta Club and wore creative

outfits as Rock Stars to display their achievement of being inducted into the Beta Club the following

evening. Pictured above (l to r): Gillian Hughes, Lacee Brown, Kasi Lewis, Kristen Bell, A’Keria

Dawson, Faith Kent, DeMia Johnson, Destanne Mathis, Sidney Stone, Cheyenne Tompkins-Swann, Lexi

Vickery, and Alisa Wharton.